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Sunday December 4th

Column: Never hang our heads for Duke

Last Thursday, I was perusing the Duke men’s basketball schedule on its official Web site, and I noticed something that, like most things associated with the Blue Devils, really got under my skin.The final score of their 12-point loss at Georgetown five days earlier wasn’t there.

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SEX 101: Be your own sex educator

The only thing I remember from high school sex ed, taught by my health teacher, who was also my driver’s ed teacher, is: Don’t double-bag or you’ll have to go fishing. Wise words to be sure, yet how do we expect a few classes of gross slide shows of STDs. And if you’re lucky, putting a condom on a banana, to prepare the youth for a lifetime of good sexual health?

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Finch for CAA; Best to connect CAA to a broader audience

Brandon Finch should get your vote today for president of the Carolina Athletic Association.He has a broad, encompassing vision for how the organization should serve students.And he understands that while the hard-core fans might be the loudest on campus, just catering to their needs alone won’t fill stadiums.

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America, Je t’aime, say the French

I wish I could give a logical explanation as to why I found myself in the suburbs of Paris at 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday, listening to a ska-influenced brass band play a rousing cover of Coolio’s classic 90s rap anthem “Gangsta’s Paradise,” but I can’t.

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Just not cutting it

Repairing and replacing wells in the Rogers Road area is nowhere close to a sufficient solution to the pressing issue of water contamination.All residents in this area deserve clean drinking water, and the town and county governments must find a way to make this happen.

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Deane, Tyler for senior class

Liz Deane and Justin Tyler have the vision and personalities to effectively lead the class of 2011 through its senior year.Their platform provides an exciting balance between social events and philanthropic endeavors. Deane and Tyler’s passion to create both a fun and productive final year for seniors is obvious and inspiring.

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Collins for RHA president

Ryan Collins has worked with the Residence Hall Association for nearly three years. He knows the ropes, and he’s enthusiastic about the association’s future. While he’s the only candidate for RHA president this year, he has our full support. We’re confident that he is an ideal fit for RHA president.

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Paving Bolin Creek would ruin an outdoor haven

TO THE EDITOR:Although a need exists for alternative commuter infrastructure, paving the Bolin Creek trail would take away much more than it would add to the outdoor community of Carrboro. As a UNC student who lived in Carrboro for two years without a car, I understand the push for adding paved bike paths or lanes to make commuting around town safer.

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Just focus on mind exercise, UNC

In my last column, I expressed my general frustration with UNC’s course requirement system, that cruel plague threatening to overthrow our education in favor of mindless, rote box-checking.Building off this theme, I would like to address specifically the lifetime fitness requirement, a particularly onerous component of our curriculum.

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