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Wednesday March 29th

QuickHits for March 16, 2010

Google Thumbs upReportedly, Google is “99.9 percent” certain it will end operations in China after a long-running dispute over censorship. Here’s what you get if you search for this in China:Senior countdownNeutral thumb

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Speak French? No right answer

The little old man from Upper Normandy was rather proud of his cigars, and he made sure to tell me just how proud he was.I didn’t know him. I was minding my own business, eating a pain au chocolat on a bench by the seaside and thinking pensive thoughts — until he sat down next to me and started extolling the virtues of the cigar when compared to the normal cigarette.

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Tiger Woods’ hard knock life

I feel terrible for Tiger Woods. He has spent years married to a wife of average attractiveness, dealt with the disappointment of two toddlers who have not yet measured up to his early golfing aptitude and suffered through a hard-knock life of solitude on driving ranges.

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Town should be stricter: After developer violated various Chapel Hill tra?c ordinances, town should have issued citations

The town of Chapel Hill should have been more stringent with the Greenbridge development project regarding recent traffic violations.The developer violated at least five traffic laws within the last few months. These violations included construction vehicles traveling the wrong directions on one-way roads, lacking proper traffic controls and illegally closing Rosemary Street.

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Defend education, it’s your right

Students across the country are organizing to defend public education. The National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, to be held today, was called for by organizers in California and New York and will see students at institutions of higher education in 30 states and Washington, D.C., march, rally, sit-in, picket, teach-in and more to defend the right to an education for all.

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Diffcult to escape pretension in college

In the first few minutes before class yesterday, I overheard a conversation between two classmates. From what I could gather, they were talking about a play or a book. The conversation was about the depth of a character or something like that. Then I heard the following sentence: “I have a distinct curiosity about humanity.”

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