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Friday June 2nd

Students not so artful: CUAB and student artists should do a better job to ensure that gallery exhibit doesn’t leave wall bare again

Citing complaints from student artists about a lack of space to show their work on campus, the Carolina Union Activities Board’s art gallery committee decided to showcase student artwork in the Union gallery this semester. But when the time actually came for students to submit pieces for the gallery, only 10 sent anything in to be displayed.

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Getting crushed by a crush can help

Do you remember your first crush?I had a late-night talk with a friend of mine earlier this week on how to deal with her unwanted suitor. It was the usual story of a boy’s mindless love taps and the girl’s flat-out rejection.I used the opportunity to tell her and a few of her friends about my theories on infatuations and why men and women act the way they do.

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Stores harm town’s image

Earlier this year, Chapel Hill was named the most livable small city in the country by the United States Conference of Mayors.Free public transit, a sustainable environment and local businesses all contribute to Chapel Hill’s small-town atmosphere and make it a great place to live. They make Chapel Hill unique.

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Sales tax revenue needed

Chapel Hill is undoubtedly a charming place to live. Although it is not far from Durham and Raleigh, Chapel Hill has maintained its small town atmosphere, making it an appealing place to go to school or raise a family. But some residents believe that preserving the town’s charm means rejecting the presence of “big-box” stores like Wal-Mart and Target, and this rejection comes with a price.

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Billions at stake in ‘biologic’ medicines

Expensive medicines can make lifesaving treatments unaffordable. We allow drug companies to sell at monopoly-level prices to help them recoup investment, but these high prices come at the expense of our welfare. Fortunately for traditional drugs, generic competition can quickly and dramatically reduce prices after the monopoly protection provided by patents expires.

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QuickHits for Nov. 5

Tree fallingThumbs downA large oak tree fell on campus, inflicting minor injuries on two people. This incident answers the age-old question: If a tree falls on a college campus, does it make a sound?FloatsThumbs up

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Out-of-state, out of mind

Students should demand a fair, proportionate tuition increase for all students at the next tuition and fee advisory task force meeting Nov. 11.The N.C. General Assembly has mandated in-state tuition rise by only $200, or 5.2 percent. But under the most recent plan, out-of-state students would be subject to a 6.5 percent increase — $1,414.30 for the next school year.

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Safety matters more

Every Halloween, the town of Chapel Hill seems possessed by a single statistic — the size of the crowd on Franklin Street. But this is the wrong metric for measuring the success or failure of the tradition. So here is an alternative proposal: Forget about the size of the crowd. Instead, focus on its safety and the conduct of its participants.

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After war, comfort is in little things

I recently went out on Franklin Street celebrating a Marine’s safe return home from Iraq. I did not know him well, but as I saw him greet old friends in the parking lot on Rosemary Street, my heart ached with how momentous this day was for him.But this conclusive victory had not brought everyone out into the streets.

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