By Emily Yue

9/18/2017, 8:27pm

The Editorial Board takes on: "Things we like to do."

This is the first in a series of illustrations of discussion points and individual opinions from editorial board meetings that didn't make the page.

Each of The Daily Tar Heel's editorials are pitched, written and published as collaborative pieces from the Editorial Board. Every other week, the board will share some of our discussion points that didn't make the cut from our meetings to the page in a segment that features individual board members' voices. To start off "The Editorial Board Takes On" series, we asked each other what we liked to do in our free time. 

Kvetching Board

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10/7/2018 8:21pm

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Column: The American political sitcom

Situations that were once limited to outrageous television plots have become the reality of America. The demand for entertainment has obscured the seriousness behind American politics. 

10/3/2018 8:05pm

Editorial: Don't waste your powder

"At the Battle of Bunker Hill, one of the first real battles in the Revolutionary War, American commanders told their men to hold their fire until they could see the whites of the British eyes."

10/2/2018 10:18pm

Column: A scream, revisited

"At what point do the rest of us, in the wake of this period, recognize a scream good enough to change our moral cosmology to a decent, human one?"

10/1/2018 10:53pm

Livy Polen

Column: Universities undermine Title IX

"If universities truly strive to prepare young Americans for the real world, they cannot continue to operate under a softened rule of law that allows for categorical discrimination under the guise of social justice."