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Granville residents prepare for Room Draft

Granville Towers Room Draft selection process helps residents not only find their community, but keep it. Cheekily modeled after the NFL Draft, it allows returning students to pick out their room for the upcoming year by physically placing a pin on a poster of Granville’s layout to “draft” their room choice.

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"Escape" from everyday routine at Bull City Escape

Bull City Escape is part of a growing trend of entertainment rooms that challenge the brain as well as group dynamics. The business engages its customers by locking them in a room for 60 minutes — the only way out is to find and solve a sequence of clues that leads you to the final combination. The concept started out with online games, then moved to real life entertainment rooms across the country, creating a network of interactive and immersive environments for groups to bond together.

Students in Recovery have supportive housing options

For students in recovery, deciding where to live can be a tough choice. Being surrounded by a supportive community that understands what you are going through is important, said Frank Allison, program coordinator of Recovery Initiatives for the Carolina Recovery Program.

Take a Glance at new social app Hopspot

In 2012, Josh Lineberger was working in the food-service industry, watching the way his customers interacted with each other. Today, he has an app inspired by what he saw in those days, an app development company that supports it and a plan to expand it beyond the Charlotte region.