4/16/2012 11:36pm

Ferrel Guillory is a journalism professor at UNC.

Sitting Down with Ferrell Guillory

Journalism professor Ferrel Guillory is an expert on Southern politics and will teach a course in the fall on elections reporting. He founded UNC’s Program on Public Life to link academic resources and North Carolina’s public leaders.

4/9/2012 11:16pm

Libertarian ideals growing in young voters

Ron Paul might not be the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, but there are signs that some of his libertarian ideals are gaining traction among young voters nationwide.

9/26/2008 12:00am


McCain and Obama debate tonight

FRIDAY Sept. 26" 2:46 p.m. -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced today that he will debate Democratic candidate Barack Obama tonight after all. Check out blogs.dailytarheel.com for liveblogging by State and National Editor Ariel Zirulnick and Managing Editor for Print Sara Gregory.