12/7/2016 11:52am

Students in Recovery have supportive housing options

For students in recovery, deciding where to live can be a tough choice. Being surrounded by a supportive community that understands what you are going through is important, said Frank Allison, program coordinator of Recovery Initiatives for the Carolina Recovery Program.

9/27/2016 11:56am

Shane Phillips

Recovery: One student's story

Shane Phillips is a graduate student in the School of Social Work. He is working towards a certificate in substance use and addiction studies.

9/19/2016 3:43pm

Recovery resources at UNC

September is Recovery Awareness Month, but resources and opportunities for UNC students in recovery are available year round. Click here to read up on services offered by the Carolina Recovery Program. Check out this pageto learn in greater detail about the benefits of joining the program, including housing.  This calendar helps you keep up with meetings and special events, such as sports tailgates  and off-campus excursions.  Parents and families can find detailed advice and resources here.

9/19/2016 12:08pm

Worried about talking to friends or family in Recovery?

There can be a stigma around substance use disorder. Using inclusive language helps reduce the stigma by countering negative perceptions the public has towards people in recovery, said Frank Allison, program coordinator of Recovery Initiatives for the Carolina Recovery Program.

9/6/2016 8:47pm

Frank Allison

What does it mean to be in Recovery at UNC?

The work-hard, play-hard attitude common among college students can be hard for students recovering from substance use disorder. And it can mask the problem for students who may need help. The Carolina Recovery Program has a month of activities planned for Recovery Awareness Month designed to increase awareness and decrease the stigma associated with recovery from addiction.