8/20/2019 10:11pm

The Media and Journalism school is changing their application process from needing a 3.1 to a more thorough in-depth application.

New MJ-school partnership highlights diversity in the journalism field

The Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting is coming to the UNC School of Media and Journalism to highlight diversity in the journalism field, which is often white-dominated. This program, started by three veteran journalists, aims to hold its first workshop in November. All media and journalism students are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

1/30/2019 8:22pm

UNC graduate and Miami Herald writer Jacqueline Charles has been selected to give the commencement speech for the spring 2019 graduating class of the UNC School of Media and Journalism. “Oh my God, it was totally unexpected, a huge honor," Charles said. "As a student at the J-school at Carolina, I always enjoyed whenever my professors, especially one in particular, Harry Amana, he would always invite working journalists who are also graduates of the school to come back in to talk to us. And so I just remember sitting in his class and just saying, my God, I hope one day I get invited back. I just thought that was just sort of be like the pinnacle, of sort of my career, and just saying, wow, okay. You know what? I really am a journalist.”  Photo Courtesy of C.W. Griffin 

Meet this year’s Media and Journalism School commencement speaker

“She started as a reporter, writing for the same newspaper she does now. She does documentaries, radio, and social media. She represents the future,” said Susan King, dean of the UNC School of Media and Journalism, about Jacqueline Charles, commencement speaker for the school's spring 2019 graduating class.

10/21/2018 11:31pm

Dana McMahan threads together fashion and creation at UNC

You may have seen the Coulture magazines on campus. Or perhaps you heard the creative chatter coming of the FashionMash classes in the Media and Journalism School. But maybe you don't know the woman driving this creative, entrepreneurial scene on campus.