8/31/2018 5:10pm

UNC Chancellor Carol Folt speaks at a Feb. 13 Undergraduate Senate meeting.

Silent Sam has no place 'at the front door' of UNC, Folt says

On Friday, Chancellor Carol Folt said that the toppled Silent Sam monument had no place “at the front door” of UNC’s campus. She also discussed last night’s protest, in which police used pepper foggers to control the crowd of pro- and anti-Silent Sam protestors. 

8/31/2018 1:38am

On Aug. 30, pro-Silent Sam demonstrators brought flowers and waved Confederate flags as part of a twilight service to commemorate the toppled statue. Directly beside this, those against the fallen monument held a dance party to celebrate. As twilight service goers left UNC's campus, police used a pepper fogger to disperse the crowd. 

Number of protesters arrested at Silent Sam since Aug. 20 rises to 17

Many in the Chapel Hill community feared Thursday night’s Silent Sam demonstration would turn to violence following Chancellor Carol Folt’s statement urging students to stay away from McCorkle Place. While the demonstration began peacefully, the night finished with three arrests, making a total of 17 Silent Sam-related arrests in less than two weeks, said UNC Media Relations manager Carly Miller in a statement. 

8/27/2018 9:30pm

Jamil Kadoura, owner of Mediterranean Deli, smiles as he finishes preparing a plate for a customer. 

Med Deli owner shares his optimism for a mended community despite recent protests

If you don't love Mediterranean Deli, you've at least heard of it. Characterized by its huge serving plates piled high with colorful, fresh delicacies and its sunny staff, the restaurant brings cuisine steeped in culture to Chapel Hill and beyond.  Med Deli brings people together over authentic food, but the restaurant's founder hopes people do more than share a meal between friends; he hopes it uplifts the community as it uplifted him. 

8/26/2018 11:43pm

Silent Sam, children 8/25

A look into the Silent Sam protest on Saturday

On Aug. 25, a protest unfolded as supporters of Confederate monument Silent Sam clashed with those in favor of the removal of the statue. Since the toppling of the monument on Aug. 20, 11 arrests have been made, though UNC Media Relations has stated that more may occur. Chancellor Carol Folt spoke with reporters on Saturday afternoon, shortly after the protest ended, about future steps and University safety.  Photo editor Janet Ayala and photographer Sarah Redmond gave us an inside look into the protest. 

8/23/2018 11:19pm


UNC's legacy of slavery doesn't end with Silent Sam

He knew that the slave legacy wouldn’t dissolve with the statue’s removal. He knows the solution still needs direction. But on Tuesday afternoon, senior Nicho Stevens walked up to the remains of Silent Sam by himself. The statue that once greeted him when he passed through North Campus — the symbol that once made him feel like he didn’t belong at UNC — felt less imposing. He lingered for a few minutes, without blinking. A satisfied smile grew on his face.