2/9/2020 12:01am

Head Coach Roy Williams reacts during a game against Duke in the Smith Center on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020. The Tar Heels lost to the Blue Devils in overtime 98-96.

'Absolutely devastating': This loss, 98-96 in OT to Duke, is a brutal one for UNC

Only like this could Saturday so quickly turn from a night of triumph for UNC to one of tribulation. From a joyful court storm — yes, they even had the security guards ready — to another defeated trudge toward the locker room. From the definitive win of a topsy-turvy 2019 season to yet another rip-your-heart-out loss, this time against your biggest rival.

2/6/2020 1:24pm

Men's golf first-year Doug Ergood follows through on a swing at Finley Golf Course on Sept. 5, 2018. Photo courtesy of the UNC Athletic Department.

UNC men's golf started its spring season with a fourth place finish in Florida

Led by impressive performances by sophomore Ryan Burnett and first-year Austin Greaser, the North Carolina men’s golf team placed fourth in the two-day Sea Best Invitational. The team was consistent throughout the tournament, never rising above second place or dropping below fifth place. The Tar Heels finished just one shot behind Liberty, missing out on a third place finish.