2/4/2014 5:49pm

Student congress passes 2 changes

With the tipoff of the 8 p.m. basketball game against the University of Maryland less than an hour away, Student Congress proceeded with a notably hurried pace at their meeting Tuesday.

12/3/2013 5:03pm

Congress talks student elections

After members of the Student Safety & Security Committee raised concerns about the way the group conducts its meetings, a resolution passed by Student Congress Tuesday aims to clarify the requirements.

9/5/2013 4:16pm

	Shelby Hudspeth is the current director of state and external relations. She is double majoring in political science and history with a focus in modern European history and she is minoring in Spanish. Hudspeth is from Charlotte.

New student government cabinet position made permanent

Student Body President Christy Lambden signed a bill Thursday that makes the new position of Director of State and External Relations permanent. However, following a unanimous vote by Student Congress to pass the bill Tuesday, not all members were satisfied.

9/3/2013 6:15pm

College Republicans protested the budget cut made to their organization
Tommy Lasater

College Republicans' finances cut

Following the recommendation of the finance committee, Student Congress appropriated $3,090 to UNC College Republicans Tuesday night despite pleas from the group leaders.

9/3/2013 1:00am

College Republicans to protest

UNC College Republicans will attend tonight’s session of Student Congress to protest what the group’s leader calls discriminatory funding practices.

9/2/2013 4:20pm

Radical Rush Week kicks off

As part of the kickoff of a week of anarchist-themed events, about 20 students gathered in the Pit Monday afternoon to learn about social divisions and workers’ rights at UNC.

8/29/2013 12:02am

New Honor Court leaders push transparency

ånna Sturkey, the student attorney general for the Honor Court this year, said she knows there are a lot of eyes on the honor system. The Honor Court and system as a whole has made many headlines throughout the past few years, especially regarding its procedure when handling sexual assault cases.

8/15/2013 5:21pm

Sexual Assault Task Force continues work

The University’s Sexual Assault Task Force will continue rewrites of the Honor Code this fall — despite its original goal to have recommendations ready by the time students returned to school.