9/5/2013 4:16pm

	Shelby Hudspeth is the current director of state and external relations. She is double majoring in political science and history with a focus in modern European history and she is minoring in Spanish. Hudspeth is from Charlotte.

New student government cabinet position made permanent

Student Body President Christy Lambden signed a bill Thursday that makes the new position of Director of State and External Relations permanent. However, following a unanimous vote by Student Congress to pass the bill Tuesday, not all members were satisfied.

9/3/2013 6:15pm

College Republicans protested the budget cut made to their organization
Tommy Lasater

College Republicans' finances cut

Following the recommendation of the finance committee, Student Congress appropriated $3,090 to UNC College Republicans Tuesday night despite pleas from the group leaders.

9/3/2013 1:00am

College Republicans to protest

UNC College Republicans will attend tonight’s session of Student Congress to protest what the group’s leader calls discriminatory funding practices.

9/2/2013 4:20pm

Radical Rush Week kicks off

As part of the kickoff of a week of anarchist-themed events, about 20 students gathered in the Pit Monday afternoon to learn about social divisions and workers’ rights at UNC.

8/29/2013 12:02am

New Honor Court leaders push transparency

ånna Sturkey, the student attorney general for the Honor Court this year, said she knows there are a lot of eyes on the honor system. The Honor Court and system as a whole has made many headlines throughout the past few years, especially regarding its procedure when handling sexual assault cases.

8/15/2013 5:21pm

Sexual Assault Task Force continues work

The University’s Sexual Assault Task Force will continue rewrites of the Honor Code this fall — despite its original goal to have recommendations ready by the time students returned to school.

7/10/2013 1:48pm

New retaliation probe announced

Despite a pre-emptive external review completed by the University weeks ago, a third federal investigation regarding UNC’s handling of sexual assault cases now looms.

6/11/2013 11:50pm

Task force debates definition of sexual assault

The University’s Sexual Assault Task Force is taking a measured approach as it attempts to bring clarity and accessibility to UNC’s Honor Code — but qualms about the power dynamics of the group have been raised.

6/11/2013 11:07pm

Administrators should redefine Honor Court's reach

Chancellor Holden Thorp’s recent decision to suspend and review a provision of the Honor Code is a step in the right direction for the University — but it’s not the only reform the Honor System needs.

6/5/2013 3:18pm

The call for help

With the number of calls to emergency medical services for student alcohol overdoses rising, and new statewide legislation in place to encourage calling for help, the University is now facing a bigger question — what, if any, consequences these students should face.

4/4/2013 8:58pm

Farley receives approval for student body treasurer

Junior Matt Farley will be student body treasurer after all. After failing to receive the approval of the 94th Student Congress in March, Farley’s nomination was approved at the first session of the newly inducted 95th Student Congress on Wednesday.