1/19/2012 4:22pm

ASG’s role in tuiton debate to be evaluated by UNC-CH student leaders

In the 1970s, the threat of in-state tuition increases from the N.C. General Assembly hit the UNC system — but with the efforts of a student group, the proposals were taken off the table. Robert Lucas, a former student body president of East Carolina University, formed a group that encompassed all 17 institutions in the system — the N.C. Association of Student Body Presidents.

12/6/2011 10:44pm

Zach De Larosa speaks at a meeting for potential student body president candidates.  Students interested in running for office met in the Union for the first optional candidates meeting for student government elections for next term.

Lower turnout this year for optional potential candidates meeting

The turnout for an optional potential candidates meeting held Tuesday — the unofficial kickoff of spring elections — was only half of what it was last year. Twenty-five students attended the meeting, designed to inform those interested in running for offices in student government next year of the process.

11/27/2011 4:47pm

UNC's sexual assault policies lag behind federal standards

The University has yet to implement new sexual assault guidelines prompted by the U.S. Department of Education last spring. While administrators planned to have new policies enacted this fall, the handling of sexual assault cases has instead fallen on the back-burner, leaving the University’s Honor Court in limbo.

11/22/2011 12:00am

A vote for sane elections: Flaws in student election law must be addressed in new bills

Next week, Student Congress will review changes to election law that, if passed, could make this year’s elections dramatically more student-friendly. By reducing the number of signatures required to be placed on the student body president ballot and making minor changes to election law, Speaker Zach De La Rosa’s and Adam Horowitz’s bills take a step in the right direction, but still do not go far enough to change this mediocre process into one that adequately reflects potential candidates’ true legitimacy.

11/14/2011 4:24pm

ASG use of student fees in question

In a time of budget constrictions, every penny of spending is under review — and concerns about the UNC-sytem Association of Student Governments’ effective use of student fees have been pushed into the spotlight yet again.

11/10/2011 2:07pm

Mary's midterm report

Since assuming the student body presidency in April, Mary Cooper has wasted little time pursuing her platform goals. After putting a face on the deep cuts to the University’s funding with a coordinated summer lobbying effort, Cooper presented ambitious plans for her “big three” platform goals.