1/30/2019 8:22pm

UNC graduate and Miami Herald writer Jacqueline Charles has been selected to give the commencement speech for the spring 2019 graduating class of the UNC School of Media and Journalism. “Oh my God, it was totally unexpected, a huge honor," Charles said. "As a student at the J-school at Carolina, I always enjoyed whenever my professors, especially one in particular, Harry Amana, he would always invite working journalists who are also graduates of the school to come back in to talk to us. And so I just remember sitting in his class and just saying, my God, I hope one day I get invited back. I just thought that was just sort of be like the pinnacle, of sort of my career, and just saying, wow, okay. You know what? I really am a journalist.”  Photo Courtesy of C.W. Griffin 

Meet this year’s Media and Journalism School commencement speaker

“She started as a reporter, writing for the same newspaper she does now. She does documentaries, radio, and social media. She represents the future,” said Susan King, dean of the UNC School of Media and Journalism, about Jacqueline Charles, commencement speaker for the school's spring 2019 graduating class.

1/30/2019 12:35am

McCorkle Place, the former site of Silent Sam, on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. Silent Sam is a Confederate statue whose presence on campus faced heated opposition in the form of protests and demonstrations. It was eventually forcibly removed by protestors. A number of protestors who opposed the statue have received trespass notices. Many activists believe these notices may be an attempt to silence them due to difficulty in appealing the notices.

Trespass notices were dropped for seven anti-Silent Sam demonstrators

On Aug. 30, Dwayne Dixon, an adjunct professor in the Department of Asian Studies, was charged with simple assault over allegations of striking editor-in-chief of Big League Politics, Patrick Howley. Along with his arrest, Dixon received a trespass notice, barring him from entering McCorkle Place, where Silent Sam once stood.

1/28/2019 11:28pm

DTH Photo Illustration. Students visit Jackson Hall, home to UNC-CH's Admissions Office, for anything from questions about applications to inquiring about campus tours. After the removal of the Silent Sam pedestal from campus on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019, students wonder how Silent Sam will be addressed in future campus tours to prospective students.

UNC eliminates deferment in admissions outcomes

The UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions has gotten rid of deferment, the decision outcome that let Early Action applicants know if they were admitted, waitlisted or denied at the same time as Regular Decision applicants.

1/22/2019 9:36pm

Illustration by Haley Hodges. Students at UNC and at campuses across the country have fallen prey to ghosting, which involves sudden and total disappearance from a relationship. 

It's ghost or be ghosted: UNC students tell us about this dating disappearing act

You probably know about the dating trend called ghosting, common on college campuses with the widespread accessibility and anonymity of digital communication. One day, you think you've met your soulmate, and the next day they're dodging all communication. "I think it’s easier to see people as numbers rather than real people," one student said. "And so, it’s easier to just turn on a switch to avoid them forever than actually talk to them about, ‘Hey, this was cool, but I don’t really want to talk to you anymore.’” 

1/21/2019 10:20pm

Jerry Wilson wipes sweat from his face while wearing a noose around his neck at an Aug. 20 protest against Silent Sam, a Confederate monument on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus. His friend, Cortland Gilliam, joined him in this gesture. They both vowed to wear these nooses whenever they were on campus until the statue was taken down. This was intended to represent the oppression and white supremacy they feel the statue represents. The pair did not have to wear the nooses long, as protestors forcefully tore down the statue only a few hours later at 9:20 p.m. on August 20, 2018. 
Wilson and Gilliam put the nooses back on following Chancellor Carol Folt and the Board of Trustees' Dec. 3 proposal to establish a University History and Education center to house Silent Sam.  

Why are graduate students often at the center of campus protests?

Graduate students have been at the helm of campus protests at UNC since the 1960s, from George Vlasits, an anti-Vietnam War protester in the 1960s, to Maya Little, a current UNC graduate student of history who faced Honor Court and criminal charges for staining Silent Sam with red ink and her own blood last April. We took a closer look at why that is.