11/20/2016 11:27pm

5 Reasons why 'Spirited Away' should be your favorite movie

It’s been 15 years since Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Spirited Away” first captured the imaginations of people all over the world. The film won 54 awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and is frequently ranked as one of the best animated films of all time. 

11/17/2016 11:39pm

Sophomore Cody Staples grabs a cookie from Lenoir Dining Hall.

King of the Hill: Top of Lenoir

As I ride upwards on the escalator, a fragrant wind blows past me, smelling of wood-fired pizza and freshly baked desserts. With a swipe of my OneCard, I have gained admission into UNC’s premier dining hall, the Top of Lenoir.

11/17/2016 11:14pm

First Years Matt Pocks (far left), Brice Connors (near left), Graham Gellin (near right) and Marlon Macintyre (far right) enjoy their first dinner at Rams Head Dining Hall Saturday night.

King of the Hill: Rams Head Dining Hall

This grand university of higher learning, as well as the activities and services that are provided on this campus, can often be taken for granted by students. Carolina Dining Services is one such University service that gets vastly overlooked.

11/16/2016 12:56am

Coming soon: A guide to theaters this holiday season

After a disappointing summer filled with Hollywood bust after bust (looking at you, “Suicide Squad” ... and “Ghostbusters” ... and “The Legend of Tarzan” ... and “Jason Bourne”... I could go on and on, really), it looks like moviegoers everywhere will finally have reason to celebrate this holiday season.

11/14/2016 11:26pm

Column: 'Space Jam,' an underdog Impression

Today marks the twentieth anniversary anniversary of the greatest movie of all time, and, sorry IMDb, I’m not talking about Shawshank Redemption.  On November 15, 1996 the half-animated classic Space Jam came out, and my life, along with millions of others, was better because of it.

11/14/2016 11:01pm

"Air Bud" may be the best sports movie of all timePhoto taken from Sports Illustrated

Heroes are remembered, legends never die: 10 best sports movies of all time

In honor of today being the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, I compiled a list of the 10 best sports movies of all time*. No list of best movies can be put together objectively, thus this list was put together in the most subjective way possible.  The movies included on the list did not make the list because of cinematic quality, but because I like them.

11/14/2016 10:52pm

10 half-animated, half-live action film ideas to celebrate Space Jam

Today marks the 20th anniversary release of the American classic, Space Jam.  The movie is one of the most iconic basketball films of all time, and sadly never received the Academy Award is so obviously deserved; not to mention it stars one of the most famous UNC alumni ever, Michael Jordan (AKA the GOAT.)