9/12/2016 12:05am

Junior Stephen Rich (center) and his mom, Biff, drinking La Croix and dancing to "Soulja Boy."Photo courtesy of Stephen Rich

The different types of LaCroix drinkers

LaCroix has two ingredients: carbonated water and natural flavor. In other words, LaCroix boasts no sugar, no sodium and no calories — LaCroix has no American spirit, and many Americans hate LaCroix.

9/8/2016 1:19am

Sarah Schauber, a history and Peace, War, and Defense double major.Photo courtesy of Katie Moninghoff

We asked UNC students why art matters

Wells Fargo released an ad recently captioned “A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today,” and “An actor yesterday. A botanist today.” This message did not resonate with a lot of students who find their livelihood in the arts, so Kate Jones, a junior dramatic art and communications performance studies major, decided to do something about it.

8/31/2016 11:09pm

Decorations to make your dorm room your own

Now that the rush of move-in is over, you have time to decorate your dorm room beyond selecting the color of your bed sheets. Staff writer Madeline Rael created a list of the best and most affordable dorm decorations to meet your DIY and decorative needs.