3/6/2017 10:59pm

David Luckenbach, the main camera operator for  "Logan," stands with his daughter Lindsay on the set of Hugh Jackman's 9th and final appearance as the iconic X-Men mutant Wolverine. Photo Courtesy of David Luckenbach.

A behind the scenes look into 'Logan'

After 17 years of portraying the regenerative adamantium-clawed mutant superhero Wolverine, Hugh Jackman cements his ninth and final incarnation of the character that propelled him into Hollywood superstardom with last weekend’s release of "Logan."

3/6/2017 10:13pm

Tate Heisler.

Q&A with Dean Dome pizza man

Students in the Dean Dome got pretty lucky on Saturday night. Yeah, they won the lottery and got to go to the game. Yeah, they got to see the Tar Heels beat up on Grayson Allen and Dook.

3/2/2017 11:41pm

The spot where an old tree used to be outside Dey Hall.

Q&A with the creators of "Kazooo It!"

First-years Quincy Godwin and Ethan Baechtold are feeling musical — the leaders of Global International Worldwide, Intl. are hosting the first ever Kazooo It! Friday at Wilson Library.

3/1/2017 1:16am

14 songs to cry to because midterms

As I write this, there are 10 (!!) days until Spring Break. In those remaining 10 days, I have two midterms and a yuge project that may or may not be the end of me.

2/27/2017 9:30pm

Kevin Garrett playing piano during his sold out show at Cat's Cradle.

Q&A with singer-songwriter Kevin Garrett

Kevin Garrett is a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania who played at Cat's Cradle on Sunday night. He’s toured with Alessia Cara, Oh Wonder, James Vincent McMorrow, and, soon, Mumford and Sons. 

2/27/2017 8:57pm

From left, Paola Vallejos, Erin Brown and Kate Abendroth participate in "Mean Girls Trivia" at Country Fried Duck on Monday night. 

Q&A with Country Fried Duck trivia expert John Gunn

In the past few weeks, Monday night trivia at Country Fried Duck has been a trending event. From SpongeBob SquarePants trivia to last night's Mean Girls trivia, the venue has gained a reputation for fun and relatable game nights. Staff writer Joseph Held spoke to Country Fried Duck Manager John Gunn about pop culture, sex trivia and the game itself.