5/11/2020 10:01pm

Op-ed: Loud words, silent university

"Words have consequences, and events like the IFC speaker impact our community in immeasurable ways. These words are reflective of a broader culture of violence and oppression — they normalize violent actions in our community. We are righteously outraged at this behavior by the IFC. The system must be held responsible and face consequences."

5/10/2020 9:52pm

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the foreseeable future of UNC athletics looks grim. Original photograph taken at a men's soccer game on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013.

'I just can’t imagine it': UNC professors on sports' return in 2020

With Monday marking two months since the NBA suspended its season in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNC professor Jonathan Weiler, who hosts the "Agony of Defeat” podcast about the intersection between sports and politics with UNC history professor Matthew Andrews, admits he's on the pessimistic side for sports' return in the near future. Both noted in interviews with The Daily Tar Heel that virtually every league is in uncharted territory right now, with no clear path forward. “We’ve never had this before. Ever,” Weiler said. “Where there’s no sports, anywhere in the world.”

5/10/2020 7:19pm

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Moore.

Jennifer D. Moore wants to increase diversity as an OCS Board of Education member

This story is the third of a series featuring the newly elected members of the Orange County Schools Board of Education. Jennifer D. Moore has 12 years of experience in North Carolina's public school system as an exceptional children's instructional assistant. One of her priorities will be providing students with the resources they need for success during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

5/7/2020 9:37am

DTH Photo Illustration adapted from original DTH photograph by Hugh Morton in 1981.

Interfraternity Council guest speaker sparks controversy for alleged misogynistic comments

On Feb. 16, UNC’s Interfraternity Council hosted an event addressing personal development and mental health that has since been criticized by student leaders as offensive, misogynistic and otherwise problematic. Keynote speaker David Hagan described his speech as "intentionally blunt, graphic and filled with profanity," designed that way to resonate with young men. But Memorial Hall staff complained the speech made them uncomfortable, and some student leaders are still pressing for more public accountability from the IFC, asking the council to apologize for the event and commit to violence prevention training.

5/5/2020 8:46pm


Column: Computer science isn't all that scary

The world of computer science is daunting. But we don’t often get a bigger picture of the compassion, creativity and collaboration that is seen in this world — something I have gained from my experience in the computer science department at UNC.

5/5/2020 7:46pm

Cars drive on Franklin Street at night on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the pictured businesses and many others on Franklin Street have either ceased operations entirely or have adapted their operations for the current crisis.

N.C. will enter Phase 1 of COVID-19 recovery on Friday, Cooper says

North Carolina will move into Phase 1 of Gov. Roy Cooper's plan to ease restrictions and gradually reopen the state following the outbreak of COVID-19 on May 8, the governor announced in a Tuesday press conference. Cooper signed an executive order that will go into effect this Friday evening. The order lifts some restrictions, such as allowing certain retailers to operate at a limited capacity, but keeps others in place.  "We can only boost our economy when people have confidence in their safety," Cooper said Tuesday. "Fighting this virus requires all of us to do our part."