4/28/2020 2:04pm

The Faculty Executive Committee met virtually Monday, April 27, 2020 to discuss concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the University's budget, as well as the possibility of furloughs.  

Faculty Executive Committee voices budget and furlough fears for fall semester

Robert Blouin, executive vice chancellor and provost, answered questions from the Faculty Executive Committee's virtual meeting Monday afternoon. He said the University has not received any information from the UNC System or the North Carolina General Assembly regarding budget cuts. He said furloughs are an option the University may consider if faced with financial challenges.

4/24/2020 3:30pm

Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez is a graduating business journalism major in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC. Quiroz-Gutierrez spent four years at The Daily Tar Heel and was most recently the 2020 co-editor-in-chief with fellow senior Emily Siegmund.

Farewell column: Here's to the unexpected

I applied to The Daily Tar Heel on a whim, like many others, because I liked to write. I was a pre-admitted business major at the time and I thought I was on a linear career path to some future job in the business world — one of those jobs people see as impressive, but actually mostly consists of bullshit.

4/23/2020 11:14pm

Guard Joel Berry II (2) celebrates during North Carolina's 96-89 win over N.C. State on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 at PNC Arena.

Analysis: How the 3-point revolution impacted UNC basketball

The 3-point shot has revolutionized the game of basketball. After it was created, low-frequency shots from way outside were not only rewarded but encouraged.  Despite Roy Williams' emphasis on the paint, the Tar Heels aren't immune to the rising importance of the 3-pointer. When there is individual 3-point success at UNC, national championships seem to follow. 

4/23/2020 10:47pm

UNC forward Shea Rush (11) runs onto the court during player presentations at Late Night With Roy on Oct. 13, 2017. 

Shea Rush looks back at four years on the UNC men's basketball team

To Shea Rush, basketball is central to nearly all of his experiences. He certainly became a better player over the last four years, but he says the program means much more to him.  “That stuff is all fun, but the thing that I will miss most, without a doubt, are my teammates,” Rush said. “It was the greatest bond and friendship I’ve ever had on a team.”

4/23/2020 10:47pm

Laid off employees struggle to apply for unemployment benefits

 “Upfront, it was pretty frustrating," he said. "Because people rely on the money and it was taking a while for the application to be submitted."   As Gov. Roy Cooper extends the state's stay-at-home order until early May, some Chapel Hill restaurants are grappling with having to lay off their staff and finding new ways to run their businesses while maintaining social distancing. Meanwhile, a lot of restaurant staff are grappling with unemployment.

4/23/2020 10:31pm

Protesters gathered together in Raleigh on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 as part of the Reopen N.C. movement. Photo courtesy of Ashley Smith. 

State officials face pressure to reopen the economy as protesters crowd Raleigh streets

William C. McKinney, general counsel for the office of Gov. Roy Cooper, mailed a letter in response to an attorney who petitioned him representing activists in favor of reopening the state. "Outdoor protests are allowed so long as the space occupied by the protesters is not enclosed (i.e. within walls) and so long as the protesters maintain the Social Distancing Requirement," McKinney said in the letter.

4/23/2020 3:58pm

The UNC 1957 men's basketball team celebrates its win. Photo courtesy of North Carolina Collection.

North Carolina's own March Madness: Remembering the Dixie Classic

The Dixie Classic undoubtedly shaped the legacy of North Carolina college basketball fans. This annual three-day period showcased the top talent of the "Big Four" North Carolina schools, coming to a sudden end with the exposition of a point-shaving scandal involving the players of participating schools.