6/24/2019 11:50am

"I'm not ashamed to admit that I still shop at Hot Topic," said Alli Rowe.

COLUMN: Coming into Carolina from community college

"Each educational opportunity and environment is unique and valuable in its own way. It might not be just like your hometown, but don’t be afraid to get involved in the UNC community." 

6/20/2019 4:59pm

Power outages span across Chapel Hill following a severe thunderstorm

Following a severe thunderstorm warning and inclement weather passing through Orange County, many businesses and homes are left without power. The Town of Chapel Hill has tweeted that many community and administrative offices are closed until further noticed following the storm. Trees throughout the town have fallen on power lines, causing outages in nearly 3,000 homes across the county. The Chapel Hill Police Department has asked for only emergency calls to utilize 911 and for all other inquiries to hold off until power has been restored across the town.