1/29/2019 9:50pm

The Unsung Founders Memorial, found in McCorkle Place, reads "The class of 2012 honors the university's unsung founders- the people of color, bound and free, who helped build the Carolina that we cherish today."

Editorial: Singing the praises of the Unsung Founders

"The design of the monument invites disrespect through its accessibility and inherent purpose of serving the public. When people use it as a place to sit and eat, it is almost as though the founders are once more doing a service to the community’s more privileged members."

1/28/2019 5:52pm

Franklin Eats podcast graphic

Franklin Eats: Bonchon

On this episode, Brian, his girlfriend Grace, their friend Lucy and her boyfriend Josh head to Bonchon, a Korean food restaurant specializing in fried chicken and the beginning of Brian’s culinary journey.