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Friday February 3rd


Board of Governors will discuss UNC system’s peers today

University administrators have long suggested that higher tuition might be the most effective way to offset budget cuts in coming years. But even after a revision of the list of UNC’s peer institutions, which could have paved the way for a higher tuition model, administrators remain at the mercy of the Board of Governors for any changes.

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UNC-system peer study to include review of tuition rates

An education at a UNC-system school has traditionally been considered a bargain. Universities have kept tuition rates comparatively low and relied on state funding to maintain academic quality, while other public institutions and university systems nationwide have shifted to a higher tuition model.

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UNC tuition hikes possible for 2012-13

As UNC struggles to adapt to this year’s round of budget cuts, administrators are already preparing for next year — and large tuition hikes are on the table. A cut in state funding of more than $100 million this year was tempered by a $20 million transfer from UNC Health Care, a gift that won’t be part of the University’s budget come 2012, said Bruce Carney, executive vice chancellor and provost.

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UNC students demand that the Board of Governors allow equal education access to all, including undocumented workers, and not let the burden of the economy fall on students and the working class.  The protest took place Friday morning, starting in the pit and going down South Road towards the Board of Governors.

Student groups protest tuition hikes after 60 programs cut

About 30 student protesters marched from the Pit to the UNC-system Board of Governors meeting Friday, determined to bring attention to how students could be affected by budget cuts and tuition hikes. Board members voted to eliminate 60 degree programs systemwide and increase tuition by an average of $208 for undergraduate in-state students in an effort to offset the expected decrease in state funding.

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Students marrying for in-state tuition

Students who are married might qualify for more financial benefits, including improved need-based financial aid and in-state tuition. This does not immediately translate to in-state residency for UNC students. But married students do not have to include their parents’ income as their own on FAFSA forms, she said, which might help with financial aid.

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UNC board to vote on program cuts, tuition

With a Republican dominated legislature ready to slash higher education funding, university-system officials are under pressure to salvage sources of financial aid. The UNC-system Board of Governors met Thursday and approved tuition hikes averaging $200 for university system campuses next year.

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SBP candidates face tuition

As further state budget cuts loom over the University, student body president candidates are preparing for the inevitable. The candidates all have their sights on softening potential tuition hikes and examining student fees so students get the most of what they are paying for.

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Board to review tuition proposals

As the University system prepares for one of its toughest years in history, its Board of Governors today will tackle two big issues facing students — the rising cost of tuition and the depleting funds for financial aid.

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Board of Trustees pass max tuition increase

The recommendation calls for the maximum permissible increase for students and must receive approval from the UNC-system Board of Governors and the N.C. General Assembly. The hike will be applied across the board, though there is no cap for out-of-state students tuition increase.

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