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Monday March 20th


Thorp recommends highest allowable tuition increase

Chancellor Holden Thorp recommended that the maximum allowed tuition increase come before the Board of Trustees today. In making his selection, Thorp cited the difficult economic and political climate as reasons for his decision to pass over at least two other proposals that would have lessened the burden on some students.

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UNC-system revised tuition policy could allow schools to go above cap

A provision in the revised UNC-system tuition policy could allow universities to increase tuition above the set limits, but administrators are still unsure how those requests for increases will be handled. The current plan caps tuition increases for resident undergraduate students at 6.5 percent, and the revised policy will continue that limit while giving campuses an opportunity to increase tuition more than the cap in extenuating circumstances.

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Tuition survey seeks student opinion, ideas

Faced with a $3.5 billion state budget shortfall and an anticipated $54 million in cuts to the University, student government is seeking to measure just how much students think their bills should rise. It is doing so by conducting an online survey that asks for students’ opinions on how they want the University to deal with imminent budget cuts.

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Tuition to rise at least 5.6 percent

UNC’s tuition policy-making body approved three different increase recommendations Wednesday, each of which would raise undergraduate tuition by at least 5.6 percent, or about $250 for residents and $1,300 for non-residents.

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Some UNC administrators want to raise faculty salaries from increased tuition revenue

Administrators will consider devoting a portion of revenue generated from the 2011-12 tuition increase to raising salaries for faculty, who haven’t seen increases in several years as a result of financial cutbacks. Salaries of state employees have been frozen by the state since early 2009. Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Bruce Carney has proposed allocating about $2.5 million of the approximately $15 million in tuition revenue toward raising salaries for faculty members on a merit basis.

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UNC system prepares for more budget cuts

Universities in the UNC system should plan on cutting their budgets by at least 10 percent and prepare to face a tough fight against legislators, the system’s President Erskine Bowles said Thursday. At their monthly meeting, Bowles and members of the UNC-system Board of Governors began drafting their budget request for next year to send to the N.C. General Assembly in November.

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UNC-system tuition model could change

Tuition rates at UNC-system schools could be tied to other campuses with similar missions or schools could be given the flexibility to determine their own models based on an upcoming decision by the system’s Board of Governors.

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Tuition decision process questioned

Several members called for a new, comprehensive tuition plan that would streamline the process and provide predictability for students in future years — likely through much higher tuition that could more closely align UNC with its peer institutions’ in-state cost of attendance.

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UNC Tuition Free Day encourages students to give back

If the University were only financially supported by tuition and fees, all students and faculty members would be enjoying summer — or early fall — vacation by now. On Monday, the Heelraisers Council, an organization dedicated to teaching students the importance of private giving, held the first annual “Tuition Free Day,” to mark the day classes would end if the University solely depended on tuition.

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Association of Student Government proposes updates to Four Year Tuition Plan

FAYETTEVILLE — Student leaders from across the state met this weekend to discuss their role in future tuition decisions by the UNC-system Board of Governors. Members of the UNC Association of Student Governments, which is funded by $1 in student fees from UNC-system schools, decided to form a special committee by Tuesday to develop ideas for revising the Four Year Tuition Plan.

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UNC system budget woes far from over

For the last two years, faculty members and administrators have been bearing the brunt of millions of dollars in budget cuts to the UNC system. But an additional $70 million cut this year led the system’s leaders to move to “Plan B” — the students.

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