4/23/2014 4:10pm

Tuition benefits for veterans to expand

Gov. Pat McCrory wants to give in-state tuition benefits to veterans attending community colleges — but it’s still up in the air if the state will extend those benefits to the UNC system.

2/27/2014 4:05pm

In-state tuition boundaries explored

The definition of in-state students might be broadening next year, inviting military students and some in neighboring states to pay lower rates in the UNC system — blurring the bounds of tuition categories amid swelling out-of-state tuition rates.

2/19/2014 3:59pm

Board of Governors will decide tuition

The fate of out-of-state students’ tuition for next year will be on the boardroom table today and Friday. The UNC-system Board of Governors will meet today in committee meetings and all together on Friday to vote for tuition and fee increases for next year.

1/23/2014 5:05pm

Students without documentation not granted in-state tuition

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office deemed N.C. students without documentation ineligible for in-state tuition in a letter released Thursday — but activists, embattled from a 30-mile march earlier this month in pursuit of policy change, say the fight is far from over.

1/9/2014 4:05pm

Chancellors oppose tuition hike

Out-of-state students are facing a steep increase in tuition next year — unless the N.C. General Assembly repeals the decision made this summer to write the increases into the state budget.

1/7/2014 4:18pm

Faculty join campus social justice effort

UNC students are known for promoting social justice issues, and now faculty are joining in the fight. The Faculty Executive Committee and the Faculty Council voted unanimously to support the “One State, One Rate” campaign last month.