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Friday February 3rd


The ?ght has only just begun

During Thursday’s full Board of Trustees meeting, Student Body President Mary Cooper’s thoughtful proposal was briefly acknowledged by the trustees but dismissed as a real alternative.

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Tuition isn’t just about the numbers

“Poverty is not an excuse from but a reason for education.” Former UNC President Edward Kidder Graham wrote this in 1916, reminding us of the bedrock principles of accessibility and affordability upon which our “University of the people” is built.

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Mary Cooper's Mid-Term Report

Since assuming the student body presidency in April, Mary Cooper has wasted little time pursuing her platform goals. After putting a face on the deep cuts to the University’s funding with a coordinated summer lobbying effort, Cooper presented ambitious plans for her “big three” platform goals.

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A time for re?ection, and a look ahead

It’s been more than seven months since the Cooper Administration took office. Though it’s a little hard to believe how fast the time is flying by, we are excited about what we have accomplished so far and what we will accomplish in the next few months.

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Students for a Democratic Society plans to oppose potential tuition increases

The University’s most vocal protest group in recent years, UNC’s chapter of Students for a Democratic Society is raising its collective voice in opposition to tuition hikes. A group of 12 members met Wednesday to discuss how a recent administrative proposal to raise tuition by 40 percent during the next two to four years might damage UNC’s reputation as the university of the people.

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