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Saturday April 1st

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Workers pose in front of a Habitat for Humanity work site while others do work on the roof. Arts for Humanity is putting on a virtual art show to benefit Habitat. Photo courtesy of Claire Hyde.

UNC group to hold virtual art show to benefit Habitat for Humanity

“It’s about physically lending your support to two communities that mean a lot to North Carolina, which is Habitat and the arts community,” junior Claire Hyde said. “They’re all awesome pieces and people would be happy to buy them, but the important part is knowing that all your dollars are going towards Habitat.”

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UNC students paint in the Morrison Art Studio. Arts Everywhere is bringing the Morrison Art Studio online, sending out emails with activity prompts. Photo courtesy of Haley France.

Morrison Art Studio hosts collaborative digital mural for Arts Everywhere Day

“We don’t get a chance to show off our art all the time, we don’t get a chance this year to get on campus and see everybody for Arts Everywhere Day, so we might as well put it somewhere that’s pretty accessible,” Morgan Pestyk, digital marketing assistant for Arts Everywhere, said. “It’s really nice to have that out there and have a place where you can put your art safely.”

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Members of the UNC Board of Governors meet on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021 to discuss the tuition freeze for in-state tuition and the institution of suicide prevention efforts.

BOG discusses in-state tuition rates and suicide prevention efforts

“Our System-wide tuition freeze reinforces the board’s commitment to keep college costs low,” Chairperson Randy Ramsey said in a press release Thursday. “We are also grateful to the General Assembly for helping us reduce the financial burden on our students. Together, we will ensure people from every corner of this state can afford a world-class education.”

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The Another UNC is Possible campaign addresses the financial crisis that UNC System schools face and calls on lawmakers and officials to make changes.

'Another UNC Is Possible': Four-point plan calls for new approach to financial crisis

Another UNC is Possible is a plan to address the immediate financial concerns of the UNC System while facilitating an equitable transition toward a post-pandemic North Carolina.  Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz previously announced that there will be a 7.5 percent cut to operating funds and a 1.5 percent cut to personnel funds to help eliminate the $100 million structural deficit the University is facing. UNC’s auxiliary units such as housing, dining and parking lost $97 million in revenue last spring and may lose as much as $200 million this year.

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DTH Photo Illustration. The UNC System Office has plans to establish an “internal bank” in which it would provide loans for certain capital projects, which would allow system schools to seek loans from the UNC System internal bank rather than borrowing money from private lenders.

UNC System has plans for an internal bank, but the N.C. Treasury has doubts

The UNC System Office has plans to establish an “internal bank” in which it would provide loans for certain capital projects to its 17 institutions.  This would allow system schools to seek loans from the UNC System internal bank rather than borrowing money from private lenders. But the treasurer of North Carolina said he and his office have questions and concerns around the legality, necessity and accountability of creating an internal bank. Josh Ellis, associate vice president for Media Relations for the UNC System, said in an email that the internal bank would increase timely and flexible access to capital while lowering the cost of borrowing. 

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Screenshot from the virtually held Commission on Campus Equality and Student Equity meeting regarding UNC's fall reopening on Thursday, July 16, 2020.

UNC student commission resolution: ‘All courses must be offered virtually'

The Commission on Campus Equality and Student Equity's resolution calls for full remote instruction and limitations on the number of students living on campus. The resolution came in response to the concerns students and Chapel Hill residents have expressed regarding UNC's reopening plans. “The only way we can make sure that everyone is safe, and everyone has access to an equitable education experience, is by offering all courses virtually and de-densifiying our dorms,” said Chairperson Lamar Richards. 

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UNC Board of Governors Racial Equity Task Force chair Darrel Allison speaks at the virtual meeting on Thursday, July 9, 2020.

UNC Board of Governors' Racial Equity Task Force outlines work ahead at first meeting

The UNC Board of Governors Racial Equity Task Force met for the first time Thursday to outline the group's mission and the work it plans to do over the next several months.  The task force will focus on three key areas: equity in student recruitment, enrollment and success outcomes, recruiting and retaining "diverse and equity minded practitioners and leaders" and creating safe and inclusive campuses. 

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