3/20/2019 12:04am


Healing in the wake of emotionally abusive college relationships

Accusations, manipulation and threats of suicide — a once-healthy relationship slowly becomes a nightmare. While there may be no bruises, victims often endure the behavior until they lose themselves. For many college students, it can be hard to overcome emotional abuse when they have to exist on the same campus. Two UNC students explain how they live, study and heal in the aftermath of their abusive relationships and what resources are available to those who are experiencing emotional abuse. 

3/21/2019 11:55pm

A pro-Confederate protester shakes hands with UNC Police officer Timothy Tickle after Tickle explained to protesters the boundaries of UNC's campus. The pro-Confederate group then left campus. Photo courtesy of Daniel Hosterman.

Confederate group brings guns to campus; no arrests made

On Saturday, a confederate group showed up to UNC's main campus near Silent Sam's former location in McCorkle Place. The group was joined by members armed with guns and knives who stood near Memorial Hall. UNC Police responded to the group's presence on campus, but made no arrest at the sight of the armed members. 

3/21/2019 11:40pm

suicide rates graphic-01.png

The UNC system has no clear protocol on student deaths or psychological services

Student mental health is a growing concern at many North Carolina universities: with the past five years, the number of students seeking campus psychological services have seen an incline. According to Chris Hogan, the director of the Counseling and Psychological Services Center at App State, the counseling center at App State saw 2,500 students in the 2017-18 academic year, which is almost 1,000 more than numbers five years ago.