2/4/2016 11:26pm

How to vote in Orange County

With the North Carolina presidential primary coming up, local organizations are looking for ways to ensure UNC students and faculty know how to make their vote count this year.

1/26/2016 11:34pm

voting rights

Teach-in discusses the importance of campus voting

Tuesday night’s Voting Right’s Teach-In incorporated nine speakers, included an opportunity to register to vote and to sign a petition for an on-campus polling place, and ended on a sweet note with Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream ice cream.

11/2/2015 10:59pm

Opinion: The voter ID law will hurt many out-of-state students

Beginning in 2016, North Carolina will require photo ID to vote at the polls. Acceptable forms of identification include: North Carolina state-issued driver’s licenses, U.S. passports or passport cards, North Carolina identification cards, military or veteran identification cards and certain tribal enrollment cards. Notably, this list does not include student IDs.

10/26/2015 9:59pm

Voter ID lawsuit hearing tentatively set for January

A federal judge refused to dismiss challenges to North Carolina’s Voter ID law during a court hearing on Friday, and set a new tentative hearing for Jan. 16. The N.C. General Assembly passed the law two years ago, requiring voters to have photo ID when voting in-person. It would go into effect in 2016, possibly influencing the upcoming presidential primaries.