2/14/2020 12:13am

Carborro residents shop at the Carborro farmer's market Saturday, Feb. 9 2020.

How a new EPA rule could impact North Carolina's drinking water

On Jan. 23, the EPA enacted the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR), which re-defined what constitutes the waters of the United States.  Co-owner of Red Tail Grains LLC Daniel Cowan said he is not enthusiastic about the regulations.  “Ultimately, I think regulations are generally there to protect the farmer. Especially if we’re talking about common resources,” Cowan said. “If there’s no regulation, then any fisherman can fish as much as they want, but if you have regulations, then it protects all of the fishermen.”

2/13/2020 11:33pm

Silent Sam in McCorkle Place

Unraveling the story behind the Silent Sam lawsuit

On Wednesday, Judge Allen Baddour dismissed the Sons of Confederate Veterans lawsuit against the UNC System. Now, the fate of Silent Sam is once again uncertain. Here's what happened between the Board of Governors and the SCV since they settled for $2.5 million on Nov. 27, 2019.  It was later disclosed that they had already settled for $74,999, which sources said was used by the SCV to purchase Silent Sam  and enable the lawsuit. Baddour's dismissal of the lawsuit followed UNC students, faculty and alumni lending voices to the case and asking for the settlement to be reversed.