9/16/2019 10:43pm

Vaccinations graphic-01.png

Local schools face measles threat, even with high vaccination rates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report last month confirming over 1,200 individual cases of measles in 31 different states since the beginning of the year, the highest number of cases reported in the U.S. since 1992. And the effects are being felt all over the country, including in Chapel Hill.

9/12/2019 1:49am

DTH Photo Illustration. A woman sits in an alley, alone, while a man on his phone walks by paying no attention to her.

The underreported trend of sexual assault during study abroad programs

While sexual assault on campus has become part of public discourse in recent years, sexual assault while studying abroad has not. An issue that impacts the lives of UNC and other college students goes largely unreported and unacknowledged due to language barriers, lack of available resources and other isolating factors of the abroad experience.

9/18/2019 9:17pm

Letter: Classics professors oppose Program for Public Discourse

"This is all particularly relevant to us in the Classics department, where we are devoted to professional study of the material, linguistic and literary history of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Too often, "civic” programs — like the one supported by the UNC Board of Governors — use superficial interpretations of the ancient Mediterranean world to co-opt Classics in support of conservative ideologies."

9/18/2019 9:15pm

Letter: "Clemens' story does not comport with the facts"

"The AAUP is a body of faculty. Its desire is not to 'create a narrative' — indeed, it is Clemens’ story that does not comport with the facts — but rather to ensure that UNC continues to abide by the open, democratic, and regular processes of shared governance."

9/18/2019 9:10pm

Letter: Climate Strike

September 20 has been designed to bring the issue of climate change, always simmering in the background, to the forefront, sending a message that this is an issue about which people care and demand action.