2/20/2020 10:04pm

UNC seniors Emily Shaljian, Ross DiBetta and Molly Crosswell are hoping to go on the biennial challenge, "Red Bull Can You Make It," set in early May.  The competition flies selected teams to one of five cities in Europe. From there, each team must travel to Berlin without money or personal phones. For seven days, they are reliant solely on 24 cans of Red Bull as currency. 

UNC seniors hope to travel to Berlin, armed with only 24 Red Bulls

A week-long trip traveling throughout Europe in the summer sure sounds lovely. But what if you had seven days to travel to Berlin without money or personal phones, and could only use 24 cans of Red Bull as currency? Meet the UNC seniors hoping to participate in the "Red Bull Can You Make It?" competition.

2/20/2020 9:59pm

A row of houses on Hill Creek Boulevard, pictured on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, sits next to a force main pipe that pumps sewage up toward the wastewater treatment plant in Chatham County. Briar Chapel residents are requesting neighborhood developers to reduce the odors and change the location of the wastewater treatment plant.

Briar Chapel residents fight against expansion of wastewater treatment plant

Briar Chapel, located in Chatham County just north of U.S. Highway 15-501, is a mixed-use development, with a variety of energy efficient homes connected by 24 miles of walkable greenways. Stop Chatham North Coalition is a group of Briar Chapel residents working to oppose the ownership transfer of a wastewater treatment plant and an expansion of the managing company's operations. They cite concerns over unpleasant odors, spraying outside permitted spray areas, raw sewage leaks and contamination of waterways as a result of the management by Envirolink, the company that operates the plant. 

2/19/2020 10:59pm

	Food insecurity affects many children in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Twenty-three percent of students received free and reduced lunches last year.

OCS board looks to combat 'lunch shaming' with these new proposals

Lunch shaming is a phenomenon occurring in schools across the United States where students are shamed for not being able to pay for their lunches every day in order to pressure families to pay student lunch debt quickly. Orange County Schools is attempting to combat this issue by implementing new lunch policies.