2/16/2020 8:45pm

Orange County resident Ken Dawson, 69, stands in one of his greenhouses on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020. Dawson has been living in the Cedar Grove community since 1972 and has been on the board of both the Carrboro and Durham farmers markets.

Climate change presents new challenges, long-term threats for N.C. farmers

“We get hotter hots, colder colds, wetter wets and dryer drys,” farmer Ken Dawson said.  Climate change is more than just a looming threat for local farmers. Severe flooding events are becoming more common, and unpredictable weather patterns have thrown off traditional growing seasons, forcing farmers to change what and when they’re harvesting.

2/16/2020 6:30pm

Editorial: Computer Science growing pains

"Over the past ten years, the number of UNC students declaring or intending to major in computer science has swelled 831.65 percent, far outpacing faculty growth in the department, which grew 8.2 percent in the same time period."