3/23/2017 11:21pm

Studies have shown athletes have a greater risk of developing an eating disorder, but weight cutting heightens this issue in wrestling.

Wrestlers face added pressures to cut weight

NCAA regulations and improving attitudes among coaches have made wrestling safer, but problems persist with cutting weight. Studies have found that male wrestlers have a higher risk of developing eating disorders than other men the same age.

1/23/2017 10:28pm

UNC wrestling comes up short against NC State in 'Brawl at the Hall'

Even with the bright lights and packed crowd, the North Carolina wrestling team couldn’t pull off the upset against No. 9 N.C. State (9-1, 2-0 ACC) in the “Brawl at the Hall.” While the Tar Heels (5-5, 0-2 ACC) were competitive, the Wolfpack still came away from Memorial Hall with a comfortable 19-11 victory.