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Blythe Gulley and Caroline Alessandro are in UNC Professor Jeanne Moskal’s English class that will present “Reconstructing Frankenstein’s Monster: Mary Shelley’s World in Print” on Thursday in Wilson Library. Photo by Aleah Howell. 

UNC English class brings 'Frankenstein' back to life

Monsters, books and libraries, oh my! Wilson Library and UNC Professor Jeanne Moskal’s English class present, “Reconstructing Frankenstein’s Monster: Mary Shelley’s World in Print,” an exhibition that will bring Mary Shelley’s novel, “Frankenstein,” back to life. Enter if you dare. 

The Love House hosted a spooky pop-up museum on Oct. 26.

The Center for the Study of the American South gives students a break from pressure

As UNC students stressfully check their class syllabus, cram for finals and secure our summer plans, Southern Cultures Magazine encourages the community to take a break from the classroom and enjoy a different kind of lecture.  Southern Cultures Magazine will host Poetry on the Porch on Tuesday at The Center for the Study of the American South, honoring the art of reading poetry and the importance of community in a space that protects the American South. 

SHHO held a panel on Monday to discuss hip-hop and social justice. Photo by Amelia Keesler.

SHHO panel examines how hip-hop is more than a genre

UNC’s Student Hip-Hop Organization, SHHO, held a panel discussion Monday expressing the art, platform and history of hip-hop and its impacts on social change and social justice.  “Hip-hop is a very large platform for artists, young and old, to share their voices and empower people who may be underrepresented in their communities,” said Nicho Stevens, SHHO executive member.  

Global International Worldwide, Intl., is hosting "Kazoo It! 2: Enter the Kazoot" on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Ethan Baechtold.

Saturday afternoon plans: kazooing in the quad

As Saturday’s big game approaches and pre-spring break assignments consume your afternoon, your stress levels may be out of control and your lack of sleep unbelievable. But instead of worrying about Grayson Allen’s 3-pointers and your intimidatingly large paper due next week, come dance around the quad, meet new friends and play the kazoo. 

Wyndham Williamson

Word on the Street: What movie should win an Oscar?

Whether you are an avid movie-goer, a film fanatic or use the Oscars as an excuse to drink champagne and judge the best dressed, the annual showcase attracts us all. This year, critics found plenty of films to grant their praise, but what does the academy know? We want to hear what you think.  Staff writer Amelia Keesler asked UNC students, “What movie should win an Oscar?”