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New English class proposed could take effect for freshmen in 2012

At today’s meeting of the Faculty Council, officials will seek an endorsement for a new introductory English class that would be required of all freshmen, beginning in fall 2012. The proposed English 105 course survived opposition Wednesday at the educational policy committee, where Michael Salemi, chairman of the economics department, voiced concern about the course offering three credit hours rather than four.

UNC student organizations throughout history showcased in Wilson Library exhibit

Decades ago, The Ugly Club reigned at the University. Club officers openly boasted unattractive faces and aimed to scare the homesickness out of freshman in invitation-only hazing rituals. And their ceremonies — complete with face paint and tin-pan beating — comprise only a small part of the University’s rich extracurricular history, based on a new Wilson Library exhibit.

Danielle Alvarado came to UNC Thursday to speak about an organization she is part of called No More Deaths. No More Deaths aims to end death and suffering at the U.S. / Mexico border. Alvarado spoke about her experiences with the organization and answered questions about humanitarian aid at the border.

Volunteer discusses the struggle on the border

Alvarado, a volunteer for No More Deaths, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to alleviate suffering by immigrants on the border between the United States and Mexico, told several stories to a crowd of about 20 in the FedEx Global Education Center that sought to depoliticize illegal immigration.

Fixed-term and retired faculty could have say at Faculty Council meetings

The committee on University government could give fixed-term and retired faculty a firmer voice in faculty matters at today’s Faculty Council meeting. The committee will vote on a proposal that could amend the faculty code to give retired faculty a say at Faculty Council meetings. Another amendment would allow fixed-term faculty to vote on whether to hire or promote other fixed-term faculty members.

Patti Thorp talks at the Employee Forum on Nov. 3 about UNC Habitat for Humanity’s Build a Block program. When building is complete, 33 UNC families will get a new home, 24 of which will be in Phoenix Place.

UNC's Build a Block completes another house

Despite the dreary weather, students and employees came together for the first time Saturday to celebrate Build a Block, UNC Habitat for Humanity’s project to house University employees. After a brief lunch, employees and students, including Student Body President Hogan Medlin, got to work hammering foundations and painting walls.

Students grapple for prizes at GAA Homecoming event

More than 500 wrapped boxes stuffed with various prizes and UNC gear filled the Pit on Friday. For several hours, cheers from bystanders encouraged students to be aggressive and rip apart the boxes, one of which included a laptop. The General Alumni Association, which used money built into its budget to purchase the prizes, ran the event.

Run a 5k: local races are coming up!

As the New Year approaches, millions of Americans make the resolution to get in shape or lose weight, and UNC students are no exception. The gym tends to fill with those ambitious enough to start an exercise routine, making it even more crowded and harder to find a machine than usual.

Need help choosing classes? Here are some favorites

Now that class registration is upon us, many of us wonder what classes to sign up for. Of course we have to take classes that count for general education or major requirements, but what classes will give us that much needed break that we need? Click through to see some students’ favorite classes!

Ways to Procrastinate

With all of this talk about being productive and getting work done, I have to be realistic and say that even with my best intentions I still procrastinate (a lot). I would go so far as to say I am an expert at procrastination.

Club of the Week

With the hundreds of clubs at UNC, Ek Taal is maybe one that missed your radar. Ek taal is a 12 beat rhythms used in Indian Classical music, and it is also the name of a club on campus that performs the ancient dance of Bharatanatyam.

Your body will thank you... later

With a motto like that, it is hard not to be intimidated by CrossFit, a workout designed originally for military special operation units, champion athletes, and police academy training. Focusing on exercises working every muscle in your body and performing them at high intensity levels, the 20 to 30 minute combined cardio and strength workouts are exhausting — but extremely gratifying.

Club of the Week

Hospitals are dreary, unwelcoming places, filled with sniffling noses and sickness, but UNC’s art therapy organization, ArtHeels, aims to bring brightness into a patient’s day with both visual and performing art.

UNC Bucket List #46: Attend a Zumba class

Tired of running on the treadmill like a hamster stuck in a wheel? I know I am, so I decided to switch up my workout routine by taking a Zumba class at Ram’s Head. Cast aside your insecurities and get ready to shake your booty to the upbeat, Latin-infused techno music. Trust me, you’ll work up a sweat doing it!