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Wednesday July 6th

Amol Naik


Started Out as Just a Second Day at Work

ARLINGTON, Va. -- I woke up Tuesday morning anxiously anticipating my second day of work. I scrambled out of bed and desperately tried to make sense of the Washington metro system so that I wouldn't be late this soon after my job had started. After agonizing over which bus to catch and where to take it, I groggily headed to what I hoped was the right bus stop.

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Symptoms of Senioritis Can Strike Victims Early

So, some buddies and I are sitting at Time Out the other night, you know on one of those nights when you try to fight a tree for stepping on your shoe, and in between mouthfuls of fried okra we came to a frightening realization: We're the oldest people in the place. I look around me and see kids who look like their parents have just dropped them off after the freshman dance -- the high school freshman dance. (Oops, I mean freshperson dance. Wouldn't want to offend anybody.) When in the hell did this happen?

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