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Column: “UNC culture is resume-building.”

For today’s column I decided to take a step away from my usual writing on Silent Sam, the Center for Civil Rights, Boycott UNC and other sociopolitical activism. Tuesday was World Mental Health day and I thought it be important to both highlight mental wellness but also apply it to myself and take a breather. I want to use this article to offer my thoughts on a very important but often overlooked issue. 

The small stone figures of the Founder's Statue found on Upper Quad on UNC's campus provide a base for the table.

The unsung founders deserve better

With the current conversation around Silent Sam and its removal, I thought I’d write about the monument that stands in juxtaposition to Sam — the Unsung Founders Memorial.


The UNC Civil Rights Center is under attack. Founded in 2001 by Julius Chambers, a black attorney who survived firebomb attacks in the 1960s and 1970s while fighting for equality, the center plays a pivotal role in protecting marginalized people.