Arabella Saunders



New records show years of UNC's animal research violations, but others go unreported

The Daily Tar Heel obtained through a federal public record request 40 separate reports of lab-animal welfare violations at UNC over the last four and a half years. The records document numerous University research incidents that violated federal guidelines or institutional protocols, including a pig's death caused by human error, confusion among researchers that led to 11 mice starving to death and a biology class that for years had students perform undisclosed experiments on various animals without proper approval or adequate training.  While the records are expansive, further reporting by the DTH found other violations have occurred at UNC in recent years that have not been documented by the appropriate federal agencies, raising questions as to the frequency of animal welfare violations that have remained under wraps.

Scott Reece, 45, helps his wife, Nunny Reece, 41, who has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, tie her shoes on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. Nunny Reece and her husband frequent UNC Hospital often and face additional challenges due to parking costs, which typically are up to $10 a day. On this day, Reece had a parking permit due to her receiving radiation treatment all week. 

'It broke us' : Parking fees strain cancer patients while building revenue for UNC

Most long-term patients, such as those with cancer, pay the same amount for parking at UNC Hospitals as every other visitor throughout the state. Some are exasperated over the additional toll those parking fees add to their week-by-week treatment schedules.  While alternative options have been created for a few specific circumstances, many patients don’t qualify and have seen parking expenses pile up. Meanwhile, the University generated $3.7 million in revenue last year through its Dogwood Parking Deck, one of two primary parking areas for UNC Hospitals patients and visitors.