Avani Uppalapati


Students should study textbook options

Students who are pushing for more rental options could be misled by companies claiming to provide the best choice. Chegg, a textbook rental company that caters to multiple universities, recently partnered with Borders to widen its rental market and target many college students. Tina Couch, spokeswoman for Chegg, called the company “the Netflix of textbook rentals.”

Cancer institute awards grant to UNC, NCCU

The National Cancer Institute recently awarded a $12 million partnership grant to UNC-CH and N.C. Central University. The grant is one of three types of partnerships established by NCI to reduce cancer health disparities in minorities.

Students need to value others' views, study finds

Universities nationwide might be emphasizing diverse viewpoints among students, but a new study found that they might not be pushing students to be tolerant of other perspectives. The Association of American Colleges and Universities survey shows that 97 percent of university staff and 93 percent of students agreed that an important goal of college education should be to prepare students to value others’ views.

Johnston County schools regulate lip balm use

It might seem harmless, but according to a N.C. school system, the use of lip balm was dangerous enough to be regulated. Recently, controversy erupted when Johnston County schools’ required students to have parental permission to use lip balm.

European nations interested in American elections

While elections are exceedingly important to Americans, three European journalists who attended a UNC Young Democrats election-results party, said many European nations also have an interest in American politics. Matija Babic, a reporter of Croatia, said that many Europeans view American politicians as arrogant, but find Democratic views more appealing. Most Europeans are pro-Obama, he said. “Almost everyone from Croatia would be Democrats if they were to move here” Babic said.

Twitter unveils new ways of advertising

Many advertisers are using Twitter’s growing popularity to their advantage. The managers of the popular social networking website recently unveiled new money-making plans. Only last week, Twitter added three new ways of advertising

Google instant — useful or annoying?

Last week Google launched a new search feature — Google Instant, which gives suggestions as the user is entering the query and then gives results before the user finishes typing. Using Google Instant reduces one’s search time by three to five seconds. Before Google Instant, the average search process took about twenty-five seconds, according a Google press release. We talked to experts and students on campus to see how exactly this feature functions and how users feel about it.