Caroline Leland


Q&A with "American Wasteland" author Jonathan Bloom

As part of The Daily Tar Heel's Projects and Investigations Team's Food Issue, Senior Writer Caroline Leland spoke to Jonathan Bloom, the award-winning author of "American Wasteland." The book chronicles the ways in which Americans waste food between the farms it's raised on and the plates it's eaten off of. Bloom offered insight into the University's responsibility to prevent food waste and why it's important to conserve.

Column: An outsider looking back in

During this semester in Spain, I think I’ve perfected the vacant smile. It’s a neutral expression I hope could be perceived as engaged, entertained, sympathetic, impressed — whatever the viewer expects to see from me at a given moment in the conversation.

Don’t push partying on others

I acknowledge that partying is part of the culture here in Spain, where dinner time is 10 p.m., pregames start after midnight and cities are famous for their nightclubs. Because I’m an exchange student in Europe, people are confused when they hear I spent a weekend in Barcelona and didn’t go out at night — why I rarely go out at all, wherever I am. I feel a need to defend that choice to everyone who asks how the nightlife was for each city I visited.


"Who needs feminism?"

What started as the final project for a small women studies class at Duke is now a worldwide movement — involving hundreds of thousands of people — to bring new meaning to the term “feminism.” UNC’s multicultural sorority Omega Phi Beta hosts the “Who Needs Feminism?” campaign on campus this week.

Residents — and a few students — vote at Country Club

Country Club precinct’s Chief Judge Carol Hazard said votes at her precinct are where she expected — but she wishes more students came out to cast a ballot. “If you don’t vote for people who are looking for your interests, you’re shooting yourself in the foot,” she said. The expected number of voters had cast their ballot at Country Club precinct’s poll shortly after 1 p.m., officials said.

County commissioners debate the use of hunting dogs

At a Tuesday night meeting, the Orange County Board of Commissioners approved steps to enhance public safety laws pertaining to the use of hunting dogs during deer season. The approval authorized the distribution of informational brochures and public awareness flyers throughout northern Orange County — the designated deer-hunting area for the county. The decision also authorizes the N.C.