Caroline Pate


Elle Varner was the opening act for J. Cole at the Homecoming Concert.

Q&A with Elle Varner

Elle Varner, a 23-year-old R&B singer-songwriter from California, opened for J. Cole at the 2012 UNC Homecoming Concert Sunday night. Varner collaborated with J. Cole on her most recent album. Staff writer Caroline Pate spoke to Varner about her life, her career and the future.

'Elsewhere' combines music, choreography, spoken word

A woman behind a screen wrestles with a cello, making it sound more like an electric guitar than a classical instrument. The world premiere performance of “Elsewhere” is a collaboration between cellist Maya Beiser and director Robert Woodruff, commissioned by Carolina Performing Arts.

Reagan Toal, a freshman English major from Charlotte, North Carolina, enjoys looking at the artwork on display.

Q&A with UNC artist Ellis Driver

Ellis Driver is a 2012 UNC graduate who double majored in art and biology. Driver currently works as a research assistant in a biology lab on campus. Her artwork is being shown in the Carolina Union Gallery until Sept. 29, and there will be a reception for the show on Wednesday.

	The International Sweethearts of Rhythm band appears in the film “Girls in the Band,” which will also be featured in the festival.

Stone Center holds ?lm festival

There will be a lot of firsts for Mariette Monpierre tonight. Monpierre, the first woman to shoot a film on the island Guadeloupe, will take questions after the North Carolina premiere of “Elza” tonight in the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History.

Santigold to headline secret concert

Tonight about 500 people will wait in a Chapel Hill parking lot for shuttles to take them to an undisclosed location. It’s not a secret mission — it’s MTV and Intel’s The Music Experiment concert, featuring alternative pop artist Santigold.


Dress Code 101: How to Dress for an Interview

Spring is here, and you know what that means: time to nail down that summer internship. If you’ve reached the interview stage already, the last thing you want to worry about the morning of is what you’re wearing, but it’s still important to make a good first impression. Interview wear is hard to nail down— you know you have to look polished and conservative, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your mother’s pantsuit. So here are some unprofessional, well-informed tips.

Grace Farson

Name: Grace Farson Year: Freshman Major: Photojournalism and Food Studies Hometown: Davidson Grace loves to incorporate different patterns and textures into her style. Grace said her look is inspired by her frequent travels to Asia and styles from the 1950s and 60s. She loves the current trends of elbow patches, sweaters and layering, but hates the campus trends of university shirts. Grace’s favorite places to shop are Goodwill and The Salvation Army. While most of Grace’s outfit is in the same color palette, she keeps her outfit interesting by introducing a variety of textures and proportions. Her champagne-colored lace dress adds elegant texture, while her beige-and-white striped cardigan makes her outfit more casual and introduces a classic pattern. Grey ribbed tights give the outfit more texture and a cozy feel, as does her infinity scarf. A fur vest creates interest with bold texture and has a contrasting proportion to the rest of her outfit. Her brown boots give the outfit some rustic polish and her socks provide a nice pop of pink.

Amy Anderson

Name: Amy Anderson Year: Senior Major: Classics and Archeology Hometown: Charlotte Amy is wearing: Shoes from PTA, tights given to her by her grandma, a skirt from Urban Outfitters, a turtle neck and plaid shirt from Goodwill and a jacket she bought in Paris. Amy describes her style as New Romantic inspired by London in the ’80s, and her style icons include musicians Siouxsie and the Banshees and Allison Mosshart. Amy takes an interesting approach to fashion — she takes her style inspiration from characters that she imagines. She said she sees fashion as a form of playing dress up and a way to take a few minutes to creatively express herself. Amy’s favorite places to shop include Goodwill, vintage stores and thrift stores. Amy said she likes seeing people wear Doc Martens, knit scarves and sweaters, chartreuse, ’70s upholstery-style prints, leopard, and vintage pieces.

DIY: Origami Hair Pin

Getting bored with mass-produced accessories? Want to create something with minimal effort so people will think you’re awesome? Try this origami lotus hair pin — it’s easy, looks interesting and you can find most of the supplies around your dorm room.

Brynne Henn

Name: Brynne Henn Year: Junior Major: Global Studies Hometown: Raleigh Brynne is wearing: A shirt from the Gap, a skirt, scarf and tights from Urban Outfitters, earrings from Target, and boots from Nordstrom. Brynne describes her style as flirty, easy and focused on accessories. She gets her style inspiration from hippie, bohemian styles and the website Pinterest. Brynne loves to shop at Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Gap and Target. Brynne said she loves the trends of skirts with tights, natural, wavy hair and boots — especially during the winter.

Rachel Sinning

Name: Rachel Sinning Year: Senior Major: French and English Hometown: Newburn Rachel is wearing: Jeans and a sweater from the gap, shoes she borrowed from a friend and a purse that she received as a gift. Rachel loves the color combination of white, red and black. She gets her style inspiration from Twiggy and loves the current trend of leopard print. Rachel dislikes the campus trends of flip-flops, tennis shoes, sportswear, hoodies and Crocs. She loves to shop at Nordstrom Rack, vintage stores and the Gap.