Christina Austin


(l to r) Nina Vaidya, David Harmon, and Maggie Trunk won the first round of sexy bingo. Instead of yelling bingo, participants had to yell words such as penis, boobs, balls, G spot, and vulva, which were at the top of their bingo cards. CHECS counselors put on 'Sex After Dark' in the Student Union's Cabaret Thursday night. Topics covered include STIs, LGBTIQA, how to put on a condom and consent. Activities included sexy bingo, a condom relay race, polls via texting, and anonymous Q&A,

UNC students learn about sex at ‘Sex After Dark’ event

Penis, boobs, G-spot, balls and labia were not just body parts at Sex After Dark, a Week of Welcome event. They were also the Sex Bingo team names and the words potential winners had to shout out to claim their prizes. The event, held Thursday night in the Student Union Cabaret, drew about 120 students, all of whom were interested in learning about one thing: sex.