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Van Dobson's departure leaves gap in Facilities Services leadership at UNC

Yet another leadership gap appeared in an ailing division of the University with the December departure of former Facilities Services director Van Dobson. But University officials said the transition to Interim Director Ray DuBose has been smooth, and that all signs point to a better future for rebuilding the unit, which oversees housekeeping, grounds and building services, among others — totaling more than 1,000 employees.


UNC makes list of "most stressful colleges"

It’s never a surprise when UNC is added to another prestigious list, whether it’s being named Best Public Value School in the country or “Most Entrepreneurial Campus,” among others. But a new ranking by The Daily Beast, an online reporting and opinion website, places UNC in the top 50 most stressful colleges in America.

Open forum on hate crimes and campus safety Thursday

Reports of an armed robbery and a violent hate crime on campus in the past week have left some students clamoring for discussion about the University’s safety measures and the way it alerts its students. Freshman Quinn Matney’s account of his April 4 attack and branding by a man outside of Craige residence hall have spurred University officials to name the incident a hate crime, since Matney is gay. The event went unreported to students and was posted on AlertCarolina one week later.

Rubik's Cube redux -- challenge the Chancellor

You’ve got about five days to polish your Rubik’s cube skills before playing the biggest game of your life — against UNC’s own Chancellor and reigning champion, Holden Thorp. The Chancellor will take on students Monday at his Innovation Fair on the quad at noon.

Catch Entourage's Adrian Grenier in Chapel Hill

It may not be on the official UNC Bucket List, but meeting a celebrity is nevertheless something most of us would like to brag about. Well, here’s some good news: Hollywood’s Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame is coming to UNC this Saturday to promote his film, Teenage Paparazzo. The true story chronicles the life of a 14 year-old paparazzo, Austin Visschedyk, and his relationship with Grenier. After meeting Visschedyk one night, Grenier decided to look on the other side of the lens and document the life of one who is always doing the documenting. But what develops is less of a professional relationship and more of a personal one as the two realize the effects of fame on their respective lives — and work to overcome them.

Japan Club's vice president has close ties to island nation

The magnitude 8.9 earthquake that ravaged Japan last Friday was at once shocking and tragic, a singular event that kept the entire world frantically checking the news as the situation unfolded. But for some UNC students, the event was more personal. Some have friends and family in Japan and didn’t know if those loved ones were safe—or even alive. Student Kana Kuroda was shaken awake at 6 a.m. the morning of the earthquake, when her mother informed her of the disaster unfolding overseas. She immediately went to the phone and started dialing her friends in Japan. “I felt a wide range of emotions but overall the sinking feeling in my stomach and shock were the strongest,” Kuroda said.

What's on Kendall Marshall's mind? Shoes

A flood of shoe pictures on Twitter feeds Monday came courtesy of self-proclaimed shoe-obsessed basketball player Kendall Marshall, or KButter5 on Twitter. Marshall asked his followers to send him photos of their shoes, and he retweeted a handful of those submissions. Click through to see what’s on the feet of Marshall’s Twitter followers.

A taste of the South: a visitor's trip to Chapel Hill

Just about everyone at UNC has grown up accustomed to good old Southern hospitality, but when my friend visited the South for the first time this weekend, I was on a mission to show her the same warm welcome I’d first gotten in August. It’s no secret that as New Jerseyans (oh, hush), both she and I are quite unaccustomed to the ways of the South. After some seven months here, though, I can safely say that I’ve been charmed by Carolina. I was determined to show her the same. Our three-day jaunt around Chapel Hill was led primarily by our quest for good food. The night she arrived, we plopped into a booth at McAlister’s and got her her first real sweet tea.

Facebook apps that stalk for you

Maybe UNC students haven’t been able to escape the reminders of our dismal female-to-male ratio (Well, dismal if you’re a lady), but I sincerely hope no one has to go to these lengths for a relationship.

Poems in hand, students share talents at BSM audition

In the basement of the Student Union late Tuesday night, poet hopefuls stood one-by-one in front of a panel of judges, each gunning for a spot in the selective Ebony Readers/ Onyx Theater group. A total of 35 students auditioned for the group over two days of auditions. Only a fraction of the students will be accepted to join EROT, the subdivision of the Black Student Movement responsible for poetry, spoken word and theatrical dramas.