Cole del Charco


University News Roundup Sept. 10-17

Listen to the University News Roundup to catch up on everything UNC. This week's episode covers updates on Silent Sam, DACA and a new comedy theater on Franklin Street, plus a hot take from sports desk editor Chapel Fowler.

Members of Phi Mu stand in front of their sorority house.

Anticipation and Elation: Bid Day 2017

For the third year is a row, audio director Cole del Charco rushed sororities to get a taste of Greek life and the emotions surrounding Bid Day — when potential new members find out what sorority they've been accepted to and run with their new sisters to the sorority house.

First-year, first day, first protest

First-year Alex Green decided to go to the rally at Silent Sam on his first day of classes. He wasn’t sure what to expect until he ended up in the middle of the crowd with the megaphone, and realized most people by the statue didn’t agree with him.