Colin Warren-Hicks


Charlie Robinson stars as Troy, a garbage man, in the play Fences at Paul Green Theatre. The play runs through November 14th.

PlayMakers' "Fences" is poignant, memorable

The power of PlayMakers Repertory Company’s production of August Wilson’s “Fences” is its biting realism. Director Seret Scott’s cast portrays a socially segregated 1950s Pittsburgh, where living between paydays wears away at old dreams and diminishes the promise of a hopeful future.

Theatre Review: Happy Days

PlayMakers Repertory Company opens its season in the middle of nowhere. Though the character Winnie — played by company regular Julie Fishell — often let fly the joyous declaration that “it is going to be a happy day,” but the opening night audience did not concur.

Theatre Review: 'Mi Vida Loca'

Deep Dish Theater Company has opened their 10th anniversary season with tequila and painkillers. “Mi Vida Loca,” written by prominent television writer Eric Overmyer and directed by Paul Frellick, is a family drama centered around one patriarch’s struggle to detox from a 20-year opiate addiction. Overmyer’s script has the audience laughing at life’s sad moments and caring for his characters’ alcohol-soaked flaws.