Colleen McEnaney


Campus Y holds first annual tie-dye and paint party

Today the Campus Y held their first annual Tie-dye and Paint Party. Students listened to music, enjoyed watermelon slices and popsicles, and helped each other design their t-shirts and make wall-art. The event took place in the court yard in front of the YMCA building and had a decent turn out of Campus Y members and other students interested in the organization.

Joel Salatin speaks to kick off Earth Day Events

Joel Salatin spoke to a packed crowd in the Hanes Art Center Auditorium Wednesday evening. His twelve-point speech focused on debunking common myths about building a local, sustainable food economy. Salatin is well-known for his books speaking out about the issues plaguing America’s current industrialized food system and about how the average consumer can support a more sustainable, healthier, local food system in the United States.

Humans vs. Zombies: Pure Fun or A Pure Nuisance?

Humans vs. Zombies is basically a week-long game of tag in which “humans” designated by an armband use socks and nerf darts to defend themselves from “zombies” who wear their bandanna around their head. The game begins with just one original zombie who begins tagging humans as they travel through campus. Missions throughout the week give an advantage to either side for the final mission which will be occurring Friday night around 11pm.

Women in business keynote speaker says to let passion serve as a guide

Students at the Women in Business conference today got a little Roy Williams advice. Sharon Allen gave the keynote at the Kenan-Flagler Business School’s annual conference. The Deloitte chairwoman’s address focused on this year’s theme of, “Reinventing Yourself in a Changing Environment.” Allen, named to Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world, quoted Williams, saying “You can never make a shot you don’t take.” With 38 years of experience in consulting and accounting, Allen was the perfect person to get UNC’s Women in Business Conference off to a great start.

Students celebrate spring with Holi Moli on the Pit

When I went to participate in Holi Moli today, I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew was that there was paint involved. I couldn’t believe the number of students that filled Polk Place. Everywhere I could see, there were students in t-shirts holding and trading packets of colored powder. We all eagerly anticipated the moment we were allowed to rush onto the tarps, open our paint packets, and proceed to cover friends and strangers in bright colors.

Triangle Dance Festival for AIDs to perform at Memorial

Looking for something to do next Friday night? Consider going to see the Triangle Dance Festival for AIDs next Friday, March 25th at 7pm at Memorial Hall. The sixth annual performing arts event includes some of the Triangle’s best dance groups, musicians, and spoken word poets – UNC’s MiscONcEption Hip Hop, EROT spoken word, UNC’s Kamikazi, and Cadence to name a few.