Danny Nett


Online managing editor Danny Nett doin' some queer stuff in New Orleans, 2016

Column: On not feeling queer enough

In one of my earliest memories, my socks are slick on the floor of my parents’ bathroom. Intentionally leaving the lights off, I take a plastic bin off the back of the toilet and gently place it on the floor.

Part of The Daily Tar Heel staff for the 2016-17 school year celebrate the DTH's 124th birthday.

Column: This… is The Daily Tar Heel

Somewhere between fumbling to lay out a map of print distribution and sending tweets and trying to write this column last night, the reality of everything finally hit me: For me and the other seniors here, this is it.

Online managing editor Danny Nett

Column: We're all a little problematic

When I was a senior in high school, I stayed up all night writing an essay for an LGBTQ scholarship. The prompt was something along the lines of, “How have you worked to change the perceptions of gay people in your school?”

Online managing editor Danny Nett

Column: A redo of 'Orlando could not have been any of us'

In the world of writing for a living, I think a degree of regret is part of the writing process. I don’t know a single time I haven’t read back over something and stumbled over a line that makes me wince — wished that I’d changed the tense or found an adjective with another syllable.