David Reynolds Assistant SportSaturday Editor


Versatile Wilson sparks 'Pack offense

Going into its 2008 campaign the largest question mark for N.C. State's football team was the quarterback perhaps the most important position on any team. The Wolfpack had two players on its roster with extensive experience leading an offense but both had turned in mediocre performances in their time at the helm of the offense last season. Coach Tom O'Brien had a quartet of quarterbacks ­­— Daniel Evans Mike Glennon Harrison Beck and Russell Wilson — to choose from. He ended up taking a chance with an inexperienced newbie the redshirt freshman Wilson.

A bowl draws more than just exposure

When North Carolina's football team reached the six-win mark two weeks ago against Boston College a trip to college football's cash cow also known as bowl season became a near-certainty. Since the ACC has affiliations with nine bowl games it would be a major shock not to see the Tar Heels playing in December even if they lose the rest of their games. The payouts for the games UNC could potentially be involved in vary considerably. A $17 million  payout was given to teams for an appearance in last year's FedEx Orange Bowl the BCS bowl with which the ACC has an official tie-in.

Porous prevent D breaks against Virginia

There isn't much that can stir up more groans and grumblings from fans than the switch to the prevent defense by their favorite team in the closing minutes of a close football game. A team's once-stout defense can appear to transform into a completion-allowing machine and most people wonder why the opposing offense can pile up so much yardage so effortlessly with the game hanging in the balance.