Dottie Blyth


Top ​celebrity breakups of 2015

2015 was a year of ups and downs in the celebrity world of romance. While some couples have just started fueling romance rumors (Selena Gomez and Niall Horan?!), other relationships are coming to a close.

7 best iPhone apps for exam productivity

1. Exam Countdown Price: Free I’ll always remember my mom telling me about how she once stayed up cramming all night for an exam that she later missed because she got the time mixed up. While it’s a funny story for later, you do NOT want to be a no-show for any of your exams this semester (or ever, really). Exam week can get overwhelming if you’re not careful, but luckily for us Exam Countdown helps keep things in perspective by presenting your classes and exams in an aesthetically pleasing and simple countdown.

If UNC majors were Harry Potter Houses

Over fall break, ABC Family — I refuse to call it Freeform — had a Harry Potter weekend marathon, so I too of course, had a marathon... in which I watched Daniel Radcliffe and the gang, yet again, go through puberty.