Dylan Howlett


Column: Dean Smith ensures all will have seat at table

The arc of a life rises, then slopes, then falls, because time is the curvature that ensures nothing is forever. And then there is the exception: the flat line that extends beyond sight, in perpetuity, faithful to its path and resolute in its straight purpose. Dean Smith is the line that flattens the arc.

UNC finds drubbing, not love, in hopeless place

PITTSBURGH — A week that was so hard ended with such ease Saturday afternoon. It brought little solace to a shaken, and stirred, North Carolina basketball team. For the reprieve that it needed was handed, instead, to a team wearing unfriendly colors.

Tar Heels continue to learn with victory over Seminoles

A late-January game against a middling conference opponent makes the smallest of imprints on space and time. For only the final numbers registered on the scoreboard, and the assigned “W” to the victor and the lonely “L” to the defeated, last as testaments to afternoons that don’t pass entrance exams into memory.

Field hockey falls to Syracuse in NCAAs

There was something to be felt after this, an umpteenth nail to the heart. But there's only so much emotional capital in a field hockey locker room, only so much reason to understand a moment devoid of it.

Senior Loren Shealy, a senior Robertson Scholar, heads back on defense during UNC's 3-0 victory against Duke. She scored the Tar Heels' first goal.

Senior field hockey players find their ‘something’

No. That couldn’t have been them. Parading at midfield, looking little the part of a perennial national title contender. Screaming and high-fiving and hugging like a club with little understanding of what it meant to be here, at Henry Stadium, in the NCAA quarterfinals, securing its seventh trip to the final four in the last eight years.


Mementos, memories from Dean Smith

It was a Thursday afternoon in 1984 when Woody Durham got an invitation to play golf. “Woody?” Dean Smith asked from the other line. “Can you play golf tomorrow? 1 p.m. at Chapel Hill Country Club.”

Notebook: Men's golf competes in The Hootie at Bulls Bay Intercollegiate

In keeping with a listless spring season to date, the North Carolina men's golf team scuffled Tuesday to a last-place finish at The Hootie at Bulls Bay Intercollegiate. Beset by rain delays, a demanding course, inconsistent play and even illness, the Tar Heels took residence in the cellar of the 15-team event, 52 shots behind champion Auburn.

Field Hockey advances to ACC title game

Just five days after falling 1-0 to No. 2 Syracuse, the No. 3 North Carolina field hockey team topped The Orange in a 1-0 win of its own Friday to advance to the ACC final against Maryland. The Tar Heels (16-4, 5-3 ACC) scraped by No.

No. 3 UNC leads California 2-0 at half

Goals by Nina Notman and Loren Shealy have keyed the No. 3 North Carolina field hockey team to a 2-0 halftime lead against California at Henry Stadium. The Tar Heels (8-2, 1-2 ACC) outshot the Golden Bears 24-1 in a lopsided opening half.

No. 3 UNC v. No. 1 Maryland tied 0-0 at half

Top-ranked Maryland and No. 3 North Carolina are scoreless at halftime in the last ACC regular-season meeting between the two field hockey powerhouses. The Terrapins (10-0, 2-0 ACC) and Tar Heels (8-1, 1-1 ACC) largely used the opening 35 minutes to feel out the game’s cadence.

UNC field hockey shuts out ODU

Coach Karen Shelton said her North Carolina women’s field hockey team would have to measure up against an imposing meter stick Friday night in the form of rival Old Dominion. UNC wouldn’t need a stepladder to contend.