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Student guest passes for football on sale

A new policy announced Monday by the UNC Athletic Ticket Office will allow students to purchase guest passes for football games online. The passes for those games became available for purchase Monday. Passes for the East Carolina University and N.C. State University games will be available beginning the Monday before those games.

Collaboration develops rural Appalachian towns

When Jesse White, director of the UNC Office of Economic and Business Development, met with officials from the Appalachian College Association, he became all too aware of the challenges faced by the association’s less wealthy, rural colleges. Four years later, a program the University developed in collaboration with that association has provided four community colleges the resources to improve their respective towns.

New student polling group will give feedback

Members of student government are expected to represent the voice of the students. But sometimes it’s hard to know what students think.To combat low response to random surveys, campus leaders are creating a polling group of 300 students who are representative of the student body and can give consistent feedback on campus issues.

Spanish classes to move online

Due to a reporting error, and earlier version of this story misstated which Spanish classes will be moving to the online-only format. Spanish 101 is the only one currently slated to move online-only. The story has been changed to reflect the correction. The Daily Tar Heel apologizes for the error.

Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest fraternity in the world, pose for pictures at their indication dinner Saturday night

TKE chapter arrives at UNC

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, the largest fraternity in the world, now has an active chapter at UNC after the international organization officially recognized a branch on campus.To receive recognition from the international organization, the fraternity had to gather 40 members and submit an endorsement from the UNC Interfraternity Council.Tau Kappa Epsilon, which has been operating as an unrecognized chapter, or colony, for more than two years at UNC, will now begin the process of petitioning the council for official recognition from the University.